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Weber State University: Offer 10 scholarships to Syrian students

We call on Weber State University to provide at least 10 scholarships to Syrian students for upcoming classes. We also call on Weber to join the Syria Consortium and encourage other institutions to join by raising awareness about the plight of Syrian students. We also call on leaders of the international community to take action to protect school and students in Syria, by whatever means necessary.

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Started by: McKenna Powell

Millions of Syrian high school graduates and college students are unable to pursue their dream of a college degree. Thousands of schools have been destroyed, unfairly depriving Syrian students from their right to education. Millions of Syrian students are now refugees, with no nearby school. And millions more are afraid to go to school because a bomb could fall on the school at any time.

While host countries and the UNHCR can provide primary education to Syrian children, the young Syrian men and women pursuing a higher education face a much more difficult task. With language, logistical, and financial barriers to overcome, these students are unable to continue their education without institutional assistance.

We are calling on WSU to join the Syria Consortium to offer scholarship opportunities for Syrian students. The Syria Consortium, created by the International Institute of Education (IIE) has brought together 40 universities who commit to offer Syrian students and scholars a safe haven to continue their studies abroad.

Ogden is unique being the second city in Utah to give refugees a home. WSU can do even more by providing scholarships for higher education to the students that greatly need assistance in a place of war and atrocities.